12th March 1671

Today I sat In a nearby tree and watched a ceremony of moles dancing around a larger central mole, upon each mole there sat a hat and upon each hat there was a smaller mole made from sticks, after the music had stopped the moles attacked and killed the central mole, raised it into the air and threw it into a nearby lake, I rarely give credence to moles as they rarely make me laugh but today my opinions changed


11th March 1671

There is an insect under every rock and upon each rooftop a crow, I pass by twists and turns and oddly named paths that sing their way .. 'Come to Lavendar Gardens' ... 'Dream upon Jasmine way'.. I will not commit to a world that is not mine, There is work to do and bright mornings  to come.


10th March 1671

Life Is Smoke and shadows and lightning appearing in early morning skies, I met a girl today who knew the names of trees and the reason why cats hated dogs, she handed me a owl and spoke in symbols, I smiled under rain sodden clouds, handed her an umbrella and continued on my way.

9th March 1671

My mind is filled with questions that answers will not touch, Who are the strange victorian gentlemen hidden by distance and cigar smoke? Why do crows circle but never approach? Who thought up the word cow? my train of thought is driven by an alcoholic, I must seek shelter to rest my weary head and perhaps make shoes.


8th March 1671

Spent today climbing 'Joseph's Tree Of Time' (no one remembers who Joseph was but all evidence points toward him owning a very big tree) The branches hung heavy with corpses, the clothes dating them from branch to branch. Upon the highest viewpoint I ate a lunch of lizard pie and spoke with a cluster of nervous owls who claimed to know the origin of the word Table and why rabbits lost their wings. On my decent my eyes were drawn to a black cloud drifting with dark intent upon the horizon.


7th March 1671

A stark morning of helicopter dragonflies and long necked birds, I dreamt of a dark figure in the distance watching me, listening to my voice, forever faceless and far away. My road met a fork and sign saying 'This way or That'  I thought breifly and chose the other.