8th April 1671

The thickets seep trouble unto empty country roads like crows in sullen skies, I fear reflections and shadows and walk the moss covered byways with growing unease, Tree creatures pad the path behind us, all whispers and distance, hung heavy with rags. By sunset we reach shelter by a broken wall and sing ourselves to slumber.


7th April 1671

A long night of visitations and grandfather clocks tapping on windows, the musty first breath of morning smelt of dampening walls and fur coats long hidden in closets.On the far side of a green mist that reminded us of Tuesdays we met the ghost of Charlie Chaplin who politely asked me for a cigarette, I told him I did'nt smoke and handed him a cigar.


6th April 1671

The broad sweep of daylight sends chilled night dwellers into hastily clawed holes to leave we three alone, out on open plains I spend time throwing a rescued leg bone to my chair who returns it without irony.


5th April 1671

A soft misted morning fresh with promise gave way to blue skies filled with hot air balloons and strange victorian gents riding awkward machines. My sleepy fellow travellers sprung to life as an army of hares marched past, medalled, proud and reeking of shoe polish. This town is prone to war and foolishness and holds no interest to one such as me. At the edge of town I see distant daylight stars crowding the road ahead and know I must move on.


4th April 1671

We drank wine today in a dank and smoke filled tavern, the rafters hung heavy with
the corpses of banditry and innocent alike. The afternoons drunkenness brought
 thoughts of melancholy and regret and groups of straw hatted peasants who leered
and shone candles at me through cracked grimy windows.